types of galician wines

Chez, nous vendons quatre types de vins galiciens : blanc, rouge, rosé et mousseux

Vins de qualité de Galice

Have you ever wondered what are the most important types of Galician wines? At WINES.GAL we have a wide selection of top quality wines, from the fruitiest to the most powerful to accompany your favourite dishes. All our wines are of Galician origin, produced with the best grapes from each vineyard.

We want to introduce you to vins de Galice and their different types, with grape varieties that can cover a wide range. Thanks to our direct and personal contact with all the wineries we work with, we can ensure the quality of every bottle we offer.

Vin rouge

Vin blanc

Vin pétillant

Vin rosé

Of all the types of Galician wines, white wines are perhaps the most renowned. Perfect for pairing with fish or seafood dishes, they are always on the table when they are needed. They are an indispensable part of Galician gastronomy, as they have their own characteristics that differentiate them from any other white wine.

Of course, the climatic conditions and the land where the grapes of this variety are grown make Galician white wines stand out from other proposals. From the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin to the Ribeiro Denomination of Origin, each of these varieties is special in its own way.

In the same way, Vins rouges galiciens have gained relevance in recent years, thanks to their imposing personality and pleasant flavour. An intense aroma that, due to the fact that their production volume is lower than white wines, makes red wines a more exclusive and interesting variety.

Parmi les types of Galician wines that make up this variety, we can highlight the wines made with Mencía, Espadeiro or Merenzao grapes. All of them have fruity aromas, some more marked than others, as well as some notes of aromatic herbs, liquorice or oak. Undoubtedly, a type of wine to take into account for any occasion.

We continue our review of the different types of vins de Galice with rosés, which have begun to occupy an important position in the wineries of our land. Their production involves a series of processes that can be demanding, but Galician grape varieties respond very well to this system and can achieve great potential.

Within rosé wines, there are different Designations of Origin with very specific rules and processes. Usually, the grape varieties used are Mencía, Sousón, Merenzao, Brancellao, Caiño Tinto, Caiño Largo and Caiño Bravo; although the use of Garnacha Tintorera, Mouratón and Tempranillo is also authorised.

And we finish our tour through the types of Galician wines with sparkling wines, a variety that has been around for over a hundred years but is now at its best. Using white wines as a base, especially Albariño and Godello, it is possible to create a sparkling wine with a low alcohol content and a good level of acidity.

Among all the possibilities that Galicia offers for the production of this type of wine, there are some specific areas that stand out for their potential. The traditional Champenoise method is followed, which is somewhat costly and requires a great deal of understanding, but this results in a sparkling wine of the highest quality.

As you can see, there are types of Galician wines for all tastes and to accompany any meal or celebration. If you want to know which one is right for you, just contact WINES.GAL.