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    3T is short in Spanish for Land (Tierra), Work (Trabajo) and Tradition (Tradición); a novel business project whose philosophy is based on the LAND as the place where the vineyard is born, WORK as the mechanism of transformation of the grape into wine and TRADITION because it is the way in which knowledge is inherited between generations.

    Based on this ideology, it should be noted that the people who are part of this project are convinced that they have a unique and the most exclusive raw material (Albariño grape) in the world. That is why they have been working hard and for many generations with the intention of highlighting all the potential that this little great grape has.

    They have 22 plots in a privileged natural environment (under the NATURA (nature conservation sites) 2000 NETWORK) that add up to a total of 11 Ha of land, managing to harvest 132,000 kg of Albariño grapes.

    The keys for their wines to have their own personality are: this natural environment and a way of working the vineyard that combines high productivity per hectare with optimal grape growth. In addition to that, its wines are influenced by the Atlantic climate, characterised by abundant rains in winter and mild temperatures in summer that shape its character and confer its typicality.

    They make their own wines: Albariño 3T, Albariño Neus and Albariño Neus Barrica.

    But what makes them totally new is that they make unique wines for their customers, they call it "Personalised Wines"

    This production of unique wines goes through three important phases, the choice of the plot by the client, the selection of the grapes and the production process, ending with bottling and labeling. Each and every one of the steps is supervised by its technical team, so that nothing fails and the final result is more than satisfactory for the client.

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