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Whether to accompany an elegant dinner or simply to taste it, Galician white wine is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated wines in a good table. Since, it brings a multitude of flavours and typical tones of the land that will undoubtedly surprise diners.

The climatic and terrain conditions make Galician white wine one of the most appreciated in gastronomy. At the same time, one of the most recommended when served with fish and shellfish for its incomparable flavour.
In addition, it helps our health, since this drink, taken in moderation, is capable of promoting rest, preventing lung diseases, helping our weight and figure, and even improving our cardiovascular system.

Undoubtedly, Galician white wines cannot be missing from our table if our intention is to have a pleasant meal full of flavour.

Galician white wine classes

Not all Galician white wines are the same, in fact, there is something for all tastes and for each of the situations. In addition, the land of Galicia offers endless types of Galician white wines recommended for each occasion in which we are.

We must emphasise that most have more fruity tones, coming from the land itself, but some are more citrus and dry, perfect to accompany our meals.

Now, we are going to highlight the most important Galician white wines and explain a little why they are so influential:


One of the most characteristic wines of the Galician lands, comes specifically from the province of Pontevedra. It is characterised by a very soft fruity aroma that produces a very elegant Galician white wine.

In addition, it has a great body, high acidity and a lot of structure, thus becoming a benchmark.


Produced in the Monterrei and Valdeorras region, it is one of the most valued, as it has fresh touches and a great balance in its acidity. Even in its delicate and elegant nuances we can appreciate suggestive bitter tones.

Undoubtedly one of the recommended Galician white wines, not only for its flavour but also for its production.


It is usually found in Ribeiro, although it also has a Monterrei Denomination of Origin. The white Galician wines it produces are very floral and balsamic, reminiscent of fruit.

In addition, it has a great balance between flavour and acidity, being one of the freshest on the palate.


It is the most rebellious variety with a wild identity, although, if you know how to work it properly, it has very elegant tints, with a great body.

The result is an aromatic and extremely fresh wine, with both floral and tropical touches, being a very exotic Galician white wine.

Caíño Blanco

Its Denomination of Origin comes from Rías Baixas, more specifically in the area of ​​O Rosal. It comes from a very delicate and sensitive grape, so its production is highly appreciated.

On the palate it has touches of acidity and freshness, while its aroma is very fruity, one of the predominant being apple.


This Galician white wine has a minority presence in Monterrei and in the Ribeira Sacra, since it is the fourth in Rías Baixas. The vineyards must be a bit dry, being a bit complex to treat.

But, the result is a white wine from Galicia with citrus touches and nuances of fresh aromatic herbs, having a great taste in the mouth that transports us to nature.

Doña branca

One of the most important grapes from Monterrei, popularly known as “Moza fresca”. It has a late budding and is very sensitive, so great care must be taken or it can be spoiled.

Although once treated, it has a sweet taste, since it has a high concentration of both sugar and acidity. In addition, it has a very fruity and prolonged aftertaste.


This grape is complex, since even today it is in the process of experimentation in order to extract all its flavours. With a Ribeiro Denomination of Origin, it has a great hidden personality.

It provides peculiar fruity aromas with a strong presence in spices. On the palate it is elegant, fresh, but at the same time it is fleeting, since it has a very short extract.


One of the recommended Galician white wines, since it has great fruit nuances and a very personal touch.

Subtle citrus and apple tones can be appreciated. In the mouth it has a very sweet aftertaste, similar to that of honey that leaves a pleasant final taste.


Also known as listán, it has a great variety of Denomination within the territory of Galicia, since it is an easy grape to combine.

The colour of the wine is a light amber yellow, with a few dry touches and a very intense and floral aroma.

Branco Lexítimo

One of the oldest Galician white wines, produced mostly in protected geographical indications. It is also known as Raposo or blanco pais.

It has a high alcohol content, a pale yellow colour but a great intensity when tasting it. Having very strong aromas along with sweet and fruity flavours, somewhat unbalanced, but with moderate acidity. Making this wine, one with a lot of personality.

Galician red wine

As we can see, Galician white wine varies greatly depending on the region, but they all share a great tradition, craftsmanship and the country’s own history.

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