sparkling wine

Galician sparkling wine is characterised by having a much more fruity flavour that is pleasant to the palate. In addition, it naturally contains bubbles due to its second fermentation, which gives it a certain personality, since it has not been artificially altered.

It is perfect to take the typical foods of the region, such as its exquisite fish and shellfish, through to red meats of great flavour and texture. It should be served cold, but not too cold, since certain nuances could be lost.

Both as an aperitif and for the table, Galician sparkling wines surprise with their intense nuances and fruity flavours, which will surely surprise our guests.

Production of sparkling wines from Galicia

The process is very similar to the maturation of other types of wine, but it has some very important factors. We are also going to emphasise that Galician sparkling wine can be made from any type of grape, but white grapes are generally used.

To begin with, as in any preparation of this type of drink, the grapes must be squeezed. In this way, we will remove all the juice and remove skins and seeds. Next, it must be fermented, in the traditional way, in stainless steel vats for about three weeks at 18-20 degrees.

So far, it is a normal process and it could be stopped, but to obtain a Galician sparkling wine, one should continue, since we are halfway through the process. To provoke the second fermentation, sugars and yeast are added, provisionally sealing the bottle.

So, we must wait about 9 months for all the chemical processes to pass inside, creating that gas and foam that we like so much. Finally, it is time for bottling, preparing it, depending on the type of Galician sparkling wine that we want.

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Methods to serve sparkling Galician

Knowing how it is made, now we must serve it correctly, since, although it may not seem like it, it has its art.

First, although it is popular to see how it is shaken in movies or on television, this should not be done, since part of the properties, flavour and that touch that makes it special are lost.

Next, with the help of a cloth or the metal closure itself, we must gently uncork it without turning it, preventing it from shooting out. It is important to know that we must gently move the bottle, not the cork, and all taking our time.

This is important when keeping Galician sparkling wine cold. It should not be at fridge temperature, as it can become more tasteless and acidic than normal. The temperature of the Galician sparkling wine must be between 8-12 degrees, so it must be kept in a cool place.

At the time of serving and drinking, we should not take the glass with the hand from the top, it should be held by the stem or the base, this way we will avoid heating the drink and we will maintain its flavour.

The appropriate glasses must be elongated, in this way the bubbles will remain for longer, but elongated enough to be able to enjoy the aroma of the Galician sparkling wine.

These are our recommendations to be able to enjoy the sparkling wines of Galicia in a more traditional way and being able to appreciate all the nuances that this drink has.

Characteristics of Galician sparkling wine

Unlike other types of wine, thanks to its Denomination of Origin and the region where it has been grown, this type of wine has great potential. Since, it has a good acidity, a characteristic greenness and a lower alcohol content.

Most of the sparkling wines in Galicia come from Rías Baixas, Ribeiro and Valdeorras. The star variety and the one for which it is best known is the Abariño and Godello, the hallmark of this magnificent land.

Albariño offers a great aromatic intensity, it is fruity and light when tasting, with an acid touch that gives a very pleasant aftertaste to the palate. While Godello has a less intense aroma, but provides much more volume in the mouth. As a complement, you can even taste the yeast that has been used in the fermentation.

With all this, we can guarantee the quality of Galician sparkling wines, due to their traditional preparation, the care taken when harvesting and treating the product, due to all the history behind it and the properties of the region, making it one of the most appreciated wines in Spanish culture.

Galician sparkling wine is recognised worldwide for its great flavour, its nuances and its elegance on the palate.