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    The promoter of this winery started the wine-growing activity as a hobby, while also carrying out professional responsibilities of another type. His passion for viticulture has led him to seek quality in each vintage, sacrificing the aspect of mass production.

    The José Luis vines, now more than 30 years old, were the first in the municipality of Monterrei to graft this variety of grape (godello).

    The Valderello winery has three plots that add up to a total of 2 Ha, achieving a production of 21,000 liters (17,000 white and 4,000 red). The main plot is "Amporadela". Where there was an inn run by two sisters, named Amparo and Adela; that's where they got the name. In addition, this farm is crossed by the primitive Roman road.

    They do a milling (tillage) to have the land worked. During the winter they prune and clean the vineyard, leaving the right buds. In addition, they then carry out two other green prunings. They usually apply five phytosanitary treatments, depending on the annual weather.

    Between 8 and 10 days before the harvest, they clean the leaves in the vineyards so that the grapes receive sunlight and if it rains it can dry out and not rot.

    The harvest is carried out 100% manually. Their grapes are transported by tractor to the winery in boxes of 20 kilos. And once there, the pressing is carried out with a pneumatic press.

    The fermentation of white wines is carried out in 5000-liter stainless steel vats, it is here where they make the first decantation at 15 degrees for 35 hours. This process is not done with chemical products, it is totally handmade. After the decantation, already clean, they carry out the controlled fermentation at 18 degrees of temperature.

    However, red grapes are crushed and go directly to fermentation (with pulp) at a temperature of 25 degrees. Once this fermentation is finished, the wine is removed by hand for a lactic vat, where they force a second fermentation.

    Although he is now retired, the harvester personally monitors the entire process.

    Awards received:

    -  Acio de Ouro in the Guide of wines, spirits and wineries of Galicia (Valderello red 2018)

    - Acio de Ouro "best white harvester" at the XXII Galician Wine Tasting (2009)

    - Acio de Ouro "best white harvester" in XV Galician Wine Tasting (2003)

    - Acio de Bronce "best white harvester" in XIII Galician Wine Tasting (2001)

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