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    The history of this winery dates back to 1954, when María Teresa's father settled in this area, building a winery, and planting vineyards. However, after more than 40 years of activity, the lack of generational change led to the abandonment of this winery.

    When María Teresa and her husband Celestino retired in Madrid, they decided to return to her roots and settle in the area and resumed production at the winery in 2000. Although the 2004 vintage was the first to be marketed under the DO VALDEORRAS.

    At that time they bet on the autochthonous varieties: godello for white wines and Mencía for reds. Although, they also decided to keep the Garnacha tintorera because, both due to their age, around 60 years old, and because of the type of grape it allows them to produce wines with a lot of personality.

    Currently, they have modern facilities with a capacity of about 30,000 litres, which allows them to process white and red grapes according to the most current techniques.

    They went for single varietal and young wines, without aging, for Godello. However, in the case of the reds, they are matured with 6 months of barrel aging.

    All the work in the vineyard is carried out with their own staff.

    Its vineyards (in the vicinity of the winery) are located on the slopes of the Bioca and Olivedo streams on the left bank of the River Sil , on fertile and well-drained soils. These characteristics, together with the microclimate of the area, make them ideal for growing these varieties of grapes. The altitude, at 350 metres, and the arrangement on terraces, also help ripening and optimal sanitary conditions, with very little incidence of fungi. And it is that this winery and that area is the one in which the grapes mature the earliest in the entire Valdeorras Denomination of Origin, with an advanced start every year of between one week and ten days compared to the rest.

    They have a total of 6 hectares of vineyards, both owned and rented, with three grape varieties: 80% Godello, 20% Mencía and Garnacha Tintorera. The type of soil is loamy-clay, slate and with a neutral pH.

    Since their launch on the market, they have won numerous awards in major international competitions. In fact, in 2015 and 2016 their wine "Bioca Godello" was classified as the "Best wine in the world" in its category, by the World Association of wine journalists and writers.

    Some of their most recent awards (in 2020) were:

    Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Gold Medal, Bioca Godello 2019.

    Frankfurt Wein Trophy, Gold Medal, Bioca Godello 2019.

    Mundus Vini, Gold Medal, Bioca Godello 2019.

    Catavinum, Gold Medal, Bioca Godello 2019.

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