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    This winery was founded by Avelino and was initially called Adegas Parente García. It is located in the town of As Chavolas, in the municipality of Cenlle, in a house dating back to 1943 where Avelino himself lived.

    Taking the reins of his grandfather and founder of the winery, in 2004 Ángel and his father decided to call it Quinta do Avelino, in honor of him. And, expanding the initial winery, they constituted a Society for the exploitation of family-owned vineyards.

    Now Ángel has transformed the old winery into a museum, a tasting room and a wine exhibition. Although before they participated in the route of the D.O., now they do the tastings on request and by appointment.

    They have 9 plots with a total of 3Ha, all of them located near the winery; the largest is right next door and has an area of ​​1.5 ha.

    The grape varieties they harvest are Treixadura, Albariño and Loureira. And they have planted new strains of the Caíño Longo, Ferrón and Sousón varieties.

    The harvest is 100% from their own vines and from the best in the vineyards, only grapes of a superior quality are selected. The grapes obtained are subjected to a small cold maceration and only the resulting flower must is fermented at a low temperature on lees in stainless steel tanks.

    As for their wines, they continue to produce the one they always made "Quinta do Avelino" and since 2017 they have added to the production "Quinta do Avelino-1923", so called because it is the year of the birth of grandfather Avelino. The latter is a limited edition wine, amounting to 666 bottles in each vintage, although they plan to increase production to 1000 bottles.

    This young viticulturist recently incorporated a new wine, made in barrels. And, in addition, they intend that in about two years they will be able to produce their first red wine.

    Although they have not entered competitions in recent years, some of their awards are:

    ●      Gran Oro Edition 2017 in the Galicia Wine Guide with its Quinta do Avelino 2015 vintage wine

    ●      Acio de Oro 2010 to the Colleiteiro Blanco Wine in the XXIII Tasting of the Wines of Galicia

    ●      Acio de Plata 2009 to the White Colleiteiro Wine in the XXII Tasting of the Wines of Galicia

    ●      Third Prize Cosecha 2009 Colleiteiro White Wine

    ●      First Prize White Colleiteiros at the XLVI Wine Fair D.O. Ribeiro

    ●      Acio de Bronce 2008 to the White Colleiteiro Wine in the XXI Tasting of the Wines of Galicia

    ●      First Prize Blanco Colleiteiros at the XLIV Wine Fair D.O. Ribeiro

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