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    This winery arises after many years of home-made production, with the aim of contributing to the Monterrei Denomination of Origin, a product of extra quality, made with selected raw materials and the combination of a traditional production process with the most modern machinery and methods.

    More than 60 years ago, the union and friendship of two families (that of Ernesto Atanes (father) and Manuel Rodríguez), laid the foundations of what years later will be Crego e Monaguillo. Together they cared for and pampered their vineyards, however, their wines were made separately.

    Years later his sons, Ernesto Atanes (Crego) and Ernesto Rodríguez (Monaguillo) founded this winery.

    Ernesto Rodríguez in 2001 began the restructuring of the family vineyards and in 2003 the first harvest saw the light; just 8,000 bottles. Ernesto Atanes, Father Paul in London, meanwhile carried out a work of dissemination and marketing.

    They were undertaking continuous extensions in the facilities until reaching the current 3,000 square meters.

    On July 4, 2017, Ernesto Atanes passed away. At present, Ernesto Rodríguez "el Monaguillo" has the support of his sister Asunción in the day-to-day running of the winery, and with a human team made up of 30 people, distributed between the winery and the vineyard.

    For them it is important that everyone in their team is part of the project and that they understand their work as the most important and fundamental; this is your biggest concern.

    They make their Crego e Monaguillo Mencía with a very soft destemming and crushing, almost whole grapes. Then they do a fermentation and maceration in stainless steel at 21-23 degrees C. They discover and light mycooxygenation before malolactic. Then they have a permanence in stainless steel until bottling.

    However, the elaboration of their Crego e Monaguillo Godello is done by destemming, pneumatic pressing and static settling by cold decantation. With a fermentation in stainless steel at 17 degrees C.

    Main awards received:

    Best Red Wine in the XXVI Tasting of the Wines of Galicia 2014: Crego e Monaguillo Mencía (2014)

    Best Red Wine in the XXI Tasting of the Wines of Galicia 2009: Crego e Monaguillo Mencía (2008)

    Best White Wine in the XVIII Tasting of the Wines of Galicia 2006: Crego e Monaguillo Godello (2005)

    Best Red Wine of Galicia 2018: Crego e Monaguillo

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